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Asset Acquisition & Management

Property Classification

This is a service that B Company extends for properties that are at the incubation stage and others that are seeking to move up the value chain in terms of scale, infrastructure and service standards. Starting with an assessment and study of the vision statement and project plans of a start-up venture, the assessment of the extant facilities and service standards in a functioning property, B Company will advise on measures to obtain the desired classification and assist in the induction of infrastructural and service components.

Collaborative Facilitation

B Company will advise and provide support for entrepreneurs seeking to build a new hotel or resort from ground up or help in acquisitions of property in terms of leasing options, as joint ventures or outright purchase. We will also conduct feasibility studies, study existing functional data in terms of operations and revenue and advise our clients on the prospects of the venture downstream.

Manpower Induction and Training

The quality of manpower is in most aspects the vital cog in the matrix of systems that seamlessly mesh together to provide memorable hospitality experiences to guests. Starting with assessing the qualitative manpower requirements of a start-up property, conducting strengths and weakness analysis in a functional property, B Company will assist in the planning, induction and implementation of changes optimizing the efficiencies of human capital. B Company's human resource consultants will also function as onsite partners in trainingof human resources across the full spectrum of hospitality services.

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Call: +91 94477 75990
e-mail: info@bcompany.in
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